[mythtv-users] Display aspect ratio not right...?

Rich West Rich.West at wesmo.com
Tue Mar 27 14:50:52 UTC 2007

I've had MythTV installed since December (aka: not long) and there has
been one problem that has been somewhat annoying.  When we go to watch a
recording (from TV) or a video (DVD ISO image), the display aspect seems
to be a bit off.  It is hard to explain, but I will try... :)

Two of the three sets are 16:9 systems.  I'll ignore the 4:3 system for
now. :)

The only difference in hardware is the video card between the two sets. 
One (#1) is a 6200 with VGA out to an LCD screen.  The other (#2) is a
6200 via component out (via a dongle) to a RP screen.  Otherwise, the
hardware and software on both systems is exactly the same (no keyboard
or mouse.. just a remote).

On both sets, I have them set to "fill".  When I play a DVD ISO
(MythVideo), the picture comes up somewhat squashed and long, almost
like it when you used to watch a 16:9 picture on a 4:3 screen.  In order
to solve this, I bring up the MythVideo menu, select "change aspect
ratio" and change it to 16:9, 16:9 zoom, 16:9 stretch, or 4:3 (it
doesn't seem to matter which one), and the picture seems to 'fix' itself
and then the display is fine from there on out.

I've tried changing the default from "fill" to "16:9", but that didn't
seem to make much difference...

Displaying a recording has similar problems.. but reversed.  Instead of
the picture being squashed, it looks as if it has been zoomed in such
that about 4 inches (top/bottom) of the image are displayed outside the
edge of the screen.  This is most evident on set #1.  Set #2 has some
major overscan, so I cannot truly confirm this.  The problem is solved
in the same way as before (bring up the menu, change the aspect ratio to
anything, and it seems to fix itself).  On set #1, this fix seems to
stick only for that recording and you have to do it again for the next

Totally odd (or so I think :) ) and I am not sure where to look...


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