[mythtv-users] low-cost low-grief remote

Angus sylvania at istop.com
Tue Mar 27 04:24:22 UTC 2007

Jon wrote:
> Angus wrote:
>> I've been trying to understand what array of remote options there are 
>> out there for MythTV, but I haven't been able to piece together the 
>> information I need. I've been reading about remotes that can be gotten 
>> on the cheap, but the documentation seems to be completely unaware that 
>> they all need an IR receiver. My tv card has a remote, with an IR 
>> receiver, but it seems to be a waste of space, since I haven't been able 
>> to get it to do anything but get irrecord to fail. Speaking of which, 
>> I'd like a low-grief solution, meaning something highly compatible with 
>> MythTV, and simple to configure.
>>     So can someone recommend a compatible model of remote and IR 
>> receiver for not too much? I hear that places like Radio Shack and Best 
>> Buy probably have the material I'm looking for, or in this country: The 
>> Source and Future Shop.
>> _______________________________________________
> It doesn't get much simpler than a serial receiver
> http://www.irblaster.info/receiver.html

    Wow, serial! When you said "serial" I thought USB, but that thing's 
RS-232! Alright, I think my box has one of those, but...

> They have a good range and work extremely well.  You can build one at
> Radio Shack, but it will only save you about $5.  Has worked with any
> remote I've tried with the exception of my Dish Network remote.

    So are you saying with this I can use nearly any remote for MythTV? 
I haven't really gotten into the features of the program, so I'm not 
sure just what you can control in there with your remote, how many keys 
it uses, features, etc.

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