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Mark Bell wrote:
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>> On 26/03/07, Mark Bell <markb at pilgrim.com> wrote:
>>> After a complete reinstall of Mythdora and LCDproc 0.5.1
>> Did you install LCDproc from source or from a binary file (an RPM)?
>>> This is what I get at boot
>>> *Starting Service LCDd: imon: Error opening /dev/lcd0 (no such file
> or
>>> *directory}
>>> *Imon: Did you load the iMon VFD kernel Module?
>>> *Driver [imon] init failed, return code <0
>>> *Could not load driver imon
>>> *There is no output driver
>>> I was under the impression that the imon driver was included in
> LCDproc?
>> It is. But it needs to be built and installed if you downloaded the
>> source.
>>> I tried installing the standalone version of the IMON_VFD
>>> But the make fails
>> Maybe you don't have the kernel-devel souce installed?
>> Nick
>> --
> LCDproc was install from source

Check that the correct driver is listed in  lcdproc.conf

> How would I know if the kernel-devel source is installed and if I don't
> then how do I get it.

yum install kernel-devel

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