[mythtv-users] MB fried - suggestions to replace or upgrade?

Shane Hickey shane at howsyournetwork.com
Mon Mar 26 16:54:40 UTC 2007

Brian Wood <beww at beww.org> [2007-03-26 10:16]:
> OK, you're an idiot. Just kidding.

Heh.. I can't argue with you there. ;)
> The compgeeks have a 500GB Seagate refurb for $129, but for $10
> going with a new one might make sense, though I have no experience
> with Samsung units. Not sure how you'd do RAID with a single drive
> though, are you using a drive from the old machine?

The 2X denoted that I'd be getting two of them.  My motherboard would support 4, I think, but the case supports 2.  I'm sort of leaning against raid1 because I'd only have 500GB of storage for shows and, on my old system, I had a 250GB external USB drive perpetually at 95% full.  I blame Sponge Bob, How it's made and Dirty Jobs for that.

> Not sure what the type A PVR-500 is, if you mean you're trying to
> not get the Samsung tuners that's probably a good idea as they are
> very sensitive to levels according to a lot of folks here.

The PVR-500 is like a 350 only it has two tuners on it, I believe.  Yeah, I definitely don't want the type B Samsung tuner.

> The PSU might be a little bit on the marginal side, the total
> wattage might be OK but units that small often hit the limit on
> individual voltages before they hit the total load limit, and the
> three tuners plus that CPU will pull some power. Probably be OK but
> I'd be careful.

Hmm.. good to know.  What would be the symptoms if I hit the limits?  Could I monitor for this using lm_sensors or something?


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