[mythtv-users] Wireless Pre-N for Linux?

Jim Beam teething12 at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 26 12:48:59 UTC 2007

Jarod Wilson wrote:
 > Generally, it doesn't, you're a fortunate minority there. If there's
 > any kind of interference (walls, ceilings, microwaves, cordless  
phones), the throughput of 802.11g usually can't sustain enough  
throughput for HDTV.
 > Now 802.11n is supposed to be wunderbar for streaming HDTV, but I'm  
not aware of any PCI or USB cards that work under Linux just yet.  Could 
always do some sort of hardware bridging setup, but that won't  be 
cheap. Some of the new PowerLine A/V stuff actually looks pretty  
reasonable though...

Supposedly the Linksys WMP300N will work with linux and ndiswrapper at 
least from what I have read (pretty good combo deal at newegg right now).
I just ordered one today with a Linksys WRT330N router (Gigabit with 
wireless-N) and it should be here in 3-days.
I will update everyone on whether it works well or not.  Currently I 
have a D-link setup DI624 router from Verizon and a DWL-G122 USB stick 
and it is the absolute worst setup ever.  Constant reboots from the 
router and if the stick is running G it constantly dies, so I am hoping 
for the best out of this new setup.


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