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Claude Gélinas agr. claude at phyto.qc.ca
Mon Mar 26 02:32:29 UTC 2007

Le lundi 26 mars 2007 à 02:39 +0100, Nick Morrott a écrit :
> On 26/03/07, Claude Gélinas agr. <claude at phyto.qc.ca> wrote:
> > I didn't touch anything about these files:
> >
> > -rwxr-xr-x  1 mythtv mythtv     6927 mar  3  2006 .lircrc
> > lrwxrwxrwx  1 mythtv mythtv    20 fév  5  2006 lircrc
> > -> /home/mythtv/.lircrc
> >
> > as irw show me all the button I push I suppose yes also mythtv was
> > running fine on that machine before upgrade and recompiling.
> Only other LIRC issue I can think of offhand is a difference in the
> remote name between /etc/lircd.conf and ~/.lircrc - but if the files
> are the same, this is unlikely to be the reason.


name grayHauppauge
bits 13
flags RC5
eps 30
aeps 100

irw output:

00000000000017a5 00 OK grayHauppauge
00000000000017a5 01 OK grayHauppauge

# ~/.mythtv/lircrc
# MythTV native LIRC config file for
# the new grey Hauppauge remote

the file is from Jarod guide with few modif for xine control improvement

both file are different /etc/lircd.conf and ~/.lircrc but it's OK I
suppose as it was always like that before.

BUT... the strangest is that if I start mythfrontend via an ssh -X shell
on a remote computer I can listen recorded program or TV on the PVR350
TV-OUT and the remote is working fine.

I just get message like
DPMS Deactivated.
DPMS Reactivated.

as I push on the pause button on the remote.

could it be a permission problem ???
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