[mythtv-users] Apple TV hacked to use other codecs

Craig Partin cpartin at gmail.com
Sun Mar 25 14:09:22 UTC 2007

> > I thought H.264 was more cpu intensive to decode.  Would they have
> > optimized GPU assist for this one codec?  It's supposed to do 720p out
> > of the box
> It does not really do 720p.  It only does 720p24 - fine for loading up
> movies, but useless for watching HDTV.

So is HDTV 720p60?  Is it really that big a jump from 720p24?  Does it
seem odd to anyone else that they are pushing these things as an
accessory to an HDTV but its really only powerful enough to do SD?
And that they are going with H.264 which is very cpu intensive but
gave this thing a low powered processor?  I don't get it.

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