[mythtv-users] VFD Display

David Watkins watkinshome at gmail.com
Sun Mar 25 12:43:22 UTC 2007

>> How do you like your fusion? It's a little bigger than I would have
>> liked

> i'd agree it is bulky..in fact its just a bit too wide to fit into my stereo
> rack...so for now it sits on the floor beneath the tv...kind of a bummer.

Mine just fits in my cabinet (I measured it first :-)   ), but it is
tight enough that I felt I ought to cut out some of the sides of the
cabinet to help the side air vents work.  My cabinet has wings on the
front so the cut outs don't show, but otherwise you really need an
inch clearance either side, for the main fan and PSU vents.  Which
makes for quite a wide setup.

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