[mythtv-users] Problems with imdb.pl

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sun Mar 25 02:54:46 UTC 2007

On 03/24/2007 07:52 AM, Tamir Alush wrote:
> Running the IMDB script on a movie name which has more than one word 
> in its title,
> gives out no results. I have to add a backslash (\) before the second 
> and third words in order
> to get the IMDB title number in return.
> For example: "imdb.pl -M Running Scared" returns nothing, but if I 
> type "imdb.pl -M Running\ Scared" I get the
> correct IMDB title number.
> When running the IMDB script from MythTV, I run "ps aux | grep imdb" 
> and find that this is the way MythTV tries to retrieve
> movie information from IMDB using this script (my first example, that 
> is...)
> I'm no coder, so I couldn't find the actual code in the script I 
> should change in order to
> add a backslash to all second and third words. Is there a fix for that 
> problem?

Backslash is only one way to prevent the shell from eating the space 
(and using it to break words in the command line).  They way MythVideo 
runs the script works.

> Another problem I have is that I'm trying to find a way to run the 
> IMDB script on my whole database automatically
> instead of a title-by-title method. Is there a solution for this?



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