[mythtv-users] Can't copy files with MythGallery

AB Benzaquin abbenzaquin at yahoo.com.ar
Thu Mar 29 14:52:52 UTC 2007


I wanted to copy a picture with MythGallery from one folder to another, so I 
marked it and then entered the target folder (just as I'd do for moving it), 
but when I accessed the File menu and selected Copy here, nothing happened.

I'd also like to mention that moving works just fine sometimes, and some 
others it moves the file but also renames unnecesarily, presenting the 
following log:

2007-03-08 08:19:48.113 GalleryUtil, Error:Need to find a new name for 
'/myth/fotos/2007-03-08_07-31-36/vicky_2006.jpg' trying 

Have anybody had the same problem, or a solution?


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