[mythtv-users] XvMC not working - Nvidia

Damian Surr damian at gingermagic.co.uk
Fri Mar 23 22:19:37 UTC 2007

Mark Kendall wrote:
>> A quick search on the net seemed to indicate that my score is REALLY bad!!
>> Any ideas what could be going on here? Here's my xorg.conf file:
> Try setting composite to disabled -  from memory the nvidia driver
> disables direct rendering when composite is enable.
> Mark
Just tried that and restarted gdm. Still get about 10 fps with glxgears! 
The kind of numbers I see on the net are in their thousands. Do you 
think there's something wrong with my card? Those numbers seem too big 
to bridge with a settings tweak or something.

It's a bit late to find this out if it is hardware. I bought the card 
about 3 months ago, just not known how to test it.

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