[mythtv-users] Cinergy 400 troubles..

Thomas Mørch tm at juletraesfoden.dk
Thu Mar 22 09:34:48 UTC 2007


I'm trying to get my old Cinergy 400 card to work with MythTV. But so far
without any luck.

The picture is there, but no audio. I know that audio is working,
(connecting a speaker to the output on the cinergy card).

 Investigating further, when I enter mythtv-setup, the sound device under
recording cards, is listed as "NONE". I can not change this setting.
Looking directly in the database, table cardinput, audiodevice is set to

I use "clean" alsa (no oss support), I have tried to load saa7134-alsa
module as well, still no sound.

System is debian 4.0, with debian-multimedia addons (this is where myth is
comming from).
Kernel 2.6.18 (stock debian kernel)
Myth 0.20.20060828

Any one that can come and point a white stick at where I have to look?


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