[mythtv-users] Mickey Mouse-voices

Jimmy Hedman jimmy.hedman at southpole.se
Wed Mar 21 21:17:31 UTC 2007

>> Hello,
>> I have a MythTV 0.20-installation that I've been using 6-7 months which
>> have been working really good. But all of a sudden all recordings, both
>> old and new, have "Mickey Mouse"-voices, ie they are pitched up. The
>> recordings play in normal speed but are "jumpy".
>> I first thought it was some heat problems and that the CPU was
>> throttling
>> or such, but it is still there after a night turned off.
>> I have made no changes to the box when this appeared. A week earlier I
>> did
>> a DVB rescan, that's the only thing done with it since I installed it.
>> top and vmstat shows that I have plenty of idle power, low IO, no
>> swapping
>> and no other oddities.
>> Any ideas what this could be?
>> Many thanks in advance,
>> Jimmy Hedman
> To follow up on my on mail, I tested with mplayer and all recordings look
> good with it.
I found out what the problem was. My memory was playing a trick on me,
remembered that I had to turn off OpenGL when I did the DVB rescan since I
connected via VNC. But when I turned OpenGL back on it just worked ~5
seconds. Tried some playback options and found that the "Sync to video
(experimental)" (not sure if it's called that, am using Swedish) did this.
So it could be that changing to QT painter and then change back to OpenGL
trigged this.
I now have the Sync to video-option turned of and everything is working fine!

// Jimmy

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