[mythtv-users] Missing thumbnails in mythweb

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Wed Mar 21 17:45:21 UTC 2007

Mr. Myth wrote:
> I understand your goal was to embarrass me in a public forum - but none 
> the less you did help me.

I think it was more to point out that people running svn are unlikely to
get help.  Most discussion about svn stuff goes on in -dev, not -users.

> I do read mythtv-dev since I am running trunk.  There is no discussion 
> of this bug in that forum.  Apparently, I had a misconception about 
> mythtv-commits.  I thought it was just for the posting of what was 
> committed to svn.  I thought all discussion of those patches happened in 
> -dev list.  I have now subscribed to that list and well and see the 
> discussion of the bug.

You are correct.  That's all that -commits is for.  But if you're
running svn trunk, you're expected to read those messages because there
is often important info in there about new behaviors, etc (not in the
case of the icon bug, though).

fyi, the icon bug was discussed in detail on one list or another (they
both file into the same maildir for me, so I don't remember which it
was), and there are/were open tickets in trac (which is probably what
you saw on the -commits list).

It's also been discussed a lot in IRC, since people had upnp disabled
and port 6544 firewalled, both of which can cause problems.


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