[mythtv-users] Composite issues.....

James Pifer jep at obrien-pifer.com
Wed Mar 21 12:50:30 UTC 2007

> I think ivtctl was been replaced by v4lctl at some point.
> doesn't the mythtv-setup input screen label the inputs for you?  I
> don't remember anything difficult about working out which device was
> which when connecting to my VCR.
> The PVR350 does have a composite input, it just happens to use the
> same connector as the SVideo, but the right cable takes care of that.
> I assuming your Camcorder doesn't have an S-Video output, because that
> would be expected to give better quality that composite.

Camcorder is composite out, and when I use an SVideo adapter the
captured output has no color, etc. IIRC that's because the port is
expecting SVideo not composite. 

Also IIRC ivtv does not necessarily assign the inputs in a logical
manner they just fall where they fall. I've tried enabling the
composites in mythtv-setup but switching inputs in mythtv doesn't work. 

I figured I would find out exactly what input is being used so I know
exactly what myth needs. Unfortunately on the other two cards all I get
is the Tuner input, not what I expect.

I don't have a v4lctl. I'm currently running:


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