[mythtv-users] Composite issues.....

David Watkins watkinshome at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 12:28:53 UTC 2007

On 21/03/07, James Pifer <jep at obrien-pifer.com> wrote:
> In the past I've had one of my composites setup to record from my
> camcorder. Since updating to .20, switching backend machines, etc, it's
> no longer configured. I have a PVR350, 250, and 150. I'm using ivtvctl
> to figure out what port I need to assign the composite to.
> I run the following commands for /dev/video0:
> /usr/bin/ivtvctl -d /dev/video0;ivtvctl -p 1;cat /dev/video0 > video0_p1.mpg
> /usr/bin/ivtvctl -d /dev/video0;ivtvctl -p 2;cat /dev/video0 > video0_p2.mpg
> etc
> I run the following commands for /dev/video1:
> /usr/bin/ivtvctl -d /dev/video1;ivtvctl -p 1;cat /dev/video1 > video1_p1.mpg
> /usr/bin/ivtvctl -d /dev/video1;ivtvctl -p 2;cat /dev/video1 > video1_p2.mpg
> etc
> I run the following commands for /dev/video2:
> /usr/bin/ivtvctl -d /dev/video2;ivtvctl -p 1;cat /dev/video2 > video2_p1.mpg
> /usr/bin/ivtvctl -d /dev/video2;ivtvctl -p 2;cat /dev/video2 > video2_p2.mpg
> etc
> If I have the camcorder plugged into the SVideo on the PVR350 I find
> that this one works:
> /usr/bin/ivtvctl -d /dev/video0;ivtvctl -p 1;cat /dev/video0 > video0_p1.mpg
> On the 250 and 150 it doesn't matter what input I cat from, it always
> shows me what appears to be the tuner. I'd really like to use the 250 or
> 150's inputs since they have straight composite rather than SVideo.

I think ivtctl was been replaced by v4lctl at some point.

doesn't the mythtv-setup input screen label the inputs for you?  I
don't remember anything difficult about working out which device was
which when connecting to my VCR.

The PVR350 does have a composite input, it just happens to use the
same connector as the SVideo, but the right cable takes care of that.

I assuming your Camcorder doesn't have an S-Video output, because that
would be expected to give better quality that composite.

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