[mythtv-users] Update: Audio missing on recordings

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Tue Mar 20 19:25:44 UTC 2007

steve wrote:
> I learned some more about this problem, so I thought it would update in case
> it gives anyone a clue as to the source of the problem.  I was watching a
> recorded show, and suddenly the playback stopped with a frozen picture.
> Very much disk activity ensued during which time the controls were
> non-responsive.  Eventually (after several minutes)  it settled down and I
> was able to get to the interface and I (soft) rebooted to make sure there
> was not some kind of built-up problem.  When I replayed the program, the
> same thing happened in the same spot.  I repeated the process but this time
> I fast forwarded past the trouble point and the program played but with no
> sound, as described below.  So this is apparently the point where the sound
> crapped out as described below.  
> Can anyone offer an opinion as to whether this is more likely due to
> hardware (i.e. PVR-350) or software (MythTV)?  Given that the audio didn't
> just shut off with continued playback, I guess I'm inclined to think it's a
> software error.  

The most likely source of the problem is a bad stream. I have a couple 
of digital stream recordings, which are full of blocking and artifacts 
and which lock up the system repeatably at the same point in the 
recording. I have also seen the same thing with analog recorded (PVR500) 
streams, where it is clear that the network feed had digital artifacts 
and errors, prior to broadcast.
In either case, sometimes the audio gets messed up. Sometimes it will 
come back, if you fast forward past the bad spot, then play-pause-play 
the stream.
Sometimes, I cannot ff past the bad spot.
I suggest you play that file, and watch carefully to see if it has any 
visible errors, prior to the crash point.

Now how to fix, or even diagnoze what is wrong with the stream is beyond 
my present capabilities.


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