[mythtv-users] Update: Audio missing on recordings

steve networks1 at cox.net
Mon Mar 19 22:39:32 UTC 2007

I learned some more about this problem, so I thought it would update in case
it gives anyone a clue as to the source of the problem.  I was watching a
recorded show, and suddenly the playback stopped with a frozen picture.
Very much disk activity ensued during which time the controls were
non-responsive.  Eventually (after several minutes)  it settled down and I
was able to get to the interface and I (soft) rebooted to make sure there
was not some kind of built-up problem.  When I replayed the program, the
same thing happened in the same spot.  I repeated the process but this time
I fast forwarded past the trouble point and the program played but with no
sound, as described below.  So this is apparently the point where the sound
crapped out as described below.  


Can anyone offer an opinion as to whether this is more likely due to
hardware (i.e. PVR-350) or software (MythTV)?  Given that the audio didn't
just shut off with continued playback, I guess I'm inclined to think it's a
software error.  



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Subject: Audio missing on recordings


Hello all.  I have a MythTV set up with a PVR-350 card.  It has been running
fine for a couple of months now, but lately I've been experiencing periodic
problems with the audio dropping out.  It will work fine for some time
(days), including audio, then after some point the shows are recorded
without audio, and this is for all recordings from that point on.  For a
while this would be corrected if I did a soft reboot, but the other day that
didn't work and it took a hard reboot to fix.  


Is this a known problem?  Anyone have an idea how I can debug?  I googled
around on it and couldn't turn up anything.





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