[mythtv-users] blurriness when playing 1080i -> 1080i

Henry A Harper III hah at alumni.rice.edu
Tue Mar 20 16:31:44 UTC 2007

> > I find it interesting that all of these problems, blurriness or
> non-smooth playback, only occur
> > with 1080i content. 720p content looks absolutely wonderful at
> 1080i (as does 480p and
> > 480i). No blurriness, smooth as can be, etc...
> I have the exact same issues you're having with playing 1080i at 1080i
> (10 seconds good/10 seconds bad), except that my "blurriness" is more
> choppy, almost like the fields are playing out of order.  However, if
> I do bob deinterlacing everything looks fine... until I
> pause/ff/otherwise disrupt the stream.  Then I'll get very jumpy video
> like you described earlier, and nothing I do will get it back to
> looking good.
> I'm relatively new to Myth, but this has been an issue ever since I
> started.  No combination of Myth settings or nvidia-settings seems to
> fix the problem.  I couldn't get the 8xxx series drivers to work,
> either, because of the total system hang playing video.  Ahh well -
> back to 720p. :)
> System:
> Athlon X2 4200
> Asus A8N-VM CSM (Onboard 6150, DVI Out)

I had this behavior when using bobdeint as well, along with the "display
doesn't support double refresh rate" error message mentioned yesterday.
Here's what fixed it for me (well, fixed as in picture looks great, but not
using bobdeint any more):
a) use 9746 nvidia driver and turn on "UseEvents" in xorg.conf
b) turn on all sync-to-vblank options in nvidia-settings and myth (had been
getting tearing when I didn't use bobdeint, but without "UseEvents" couldn't
use all the sync switches)
c) per wiki, turn on extra audio buffering
d) kernel deint looks pretty good

I have a FC5 4600x2 & 7600GS using component-out to 1080i RPTV. Myth is at
SVN 12306, 3 ATSC-only HD5500s.

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