[mythtv-users] Blu-Ray/HD-DVD versus MythTV HD recordings

Marco Nelissen marcone at xs4all.nl
Tue Mar 20 14:16:30 UTC 2007

>I have a 1080p 47 inch LCD display and a PS3 that I watch blueray disc on,
>so I think I can answer the question.  Speaking about image quality: Blueray
>discs are significantly better then upscaled DVD's.  There is no comparison
>between the two.  1080p blue ray compared to OTA ATSC (720p or 1080i) there
>is much less of an improvement but it is still noticeable.  Some ATSC
>recordings show compression artifacts.  Like live sporting events often show
>significantly noticeable artifacts.  So far blueray has no artifacts.  Of
>course any lossless compression is capable of artifacting.

For what it's worth: I was at my local Fry's the other day, and they were
showing off their various HD panels by playing "I, Robot" in high def.
In the particular (action) scene that was playing when I walked by, I
noticed quite severe compression artifacts (blocking). The picture was
otherwise superb, it's just that in scenes with fast motion, blocking
was quite apparent.

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