[mythtv-users] blurriness when playing 1080i -> 1080i

Mike Rosack mrosack at sacknet.org
Tue Mar 20 12:46:28 UTC 2007

> I find it interesting that all of these problems, blurriness or non-smooth playback, only occur
> with 1080i content. 720p content looks absolutely wonderful at 1080i (as does 480p and
> 480i). No blurriness, smooth as can be, etc...

I have the exact same issues you're having with playing 1080i at 1080i
(10 seconds good/10 seconds bad), except that my "blurriness" is more
choppy, almost like the fields are playing out of order.  However, if
I do bob deinterlacing everything looks fine... until I
pause/ff/otherwise disrupt the stream.  Then I'll get very jumpy video
like you described earlier, and nothing I do will get it back to
looking good.

I'm relatively new to Myth, but this has been an issue ever since I
started.  No combination of Myth settings or nvidia-settings seems to
fix the problem.  I couldn't get the 8xxx series drivers to work,
either, because of the total system hang playing video.  Ahh well -
back to 720p. :)

Athlon X2 4200
Asus A8N-VM CSM (Onboard 6150, DVI Out)

Good Luck,

Mike Rosack

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