[mythtv-users] Avermedia PCI DVB-T 777 svideo/composite capture

Joan Vallés joan.valles at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 09:02:21 UTC 2007


I asume that you have the DVB (TDT in Spain) working and you can watch some
channels, right? If not, tell me before following this steps.

Finally I got my Svideo an Composite inputs working this way:

   1. You should check that your inputs are working, try to connect a
   video/DVD/etc... and watch it with tvtime (you can install it from repos on
   most distros). Remember that you might no hear anything with tvtime, it's ok
   2. stop mythbackend
   3. run mythtv-setup
   4. add a new capture card (yes! another one!)
   5. select v4l capture card, you should use /dev/video0 for video and
   /dev/dsp1 for audio
   6. create a new video source (I called it VOID) with no listings (dont
   remember exactly the option, but there's one that doesnt retreive info from
   7. assing this video source (VOID) to the new input connections that
   should have appeared (svideo and composite)
   8. go to channel editor and create a new channel (mine is 1111) only
   for that video source (VOID)
   9. go to the capture card page and set this channel (1111) as the
   default channel for the new v4l card.
   10. exit mythtv-setup
   11. start mythbackend
   12. start mythfrontend
   13. go to watch tv
   14. press "Y" (changes capture card) until you get to the newly
   created, if you have your video running you should see the picture.

It's a little bit tricky but I tested it yesterday and it worked but it's
not ok:

   - Image quality is very (very) poor
   - Some times video stops for a while.
   - Sound is terrible
   - sometimes when I exit from watch tv while viewing those inputs, ALL
   the system freezes and I have to reset the box :''''(

hope this helps...

(PS: una mica estrany que parlem en anglès, no)

2007/3/19, Jordi Puig <jordipu at telefonica.net>:

> Hi Joan It is exactly the same problem I have.
> I'm using the 2.6.19 smp kernel, but seems that this card is not correctly
> detected so far
> I've tried
> http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/AVerMedia_AVerTV_DVB-T_777_PCI
> with same problem
> Jordi
>  El 15/03/2007, a las 16:04, Joan Vallés escribió:
>  Hi!
> I've got Avermedia PCI DVB-T 777 which has Svideo and Composite inputs,
> DVB is working very well but I can't figure how to use Svideo and/or
> composite in Mythtv.
> Using myth-setup I added the card without problems but when I go to input
> connections I only get the DVB part not the Svideo or the composite, I
> expected to see somehting like this:
> http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Connecting_Tuner_Card_To_Cable_Sat#How_Myth_sees_these
> I've tested these inputs using tvtime and they work, I've tried to create
> another capture card (V4L analog) and I got the Svideo and composite inputs
> detected but then myth-backend stopped working.
> Does anybodoy know what's going wrong?
> --
> Joan
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