[mythtv-users] Migrating from Fedora Core to Ubuntu

Tom Greer trgreer at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 23:12:59 UTC 2007

john sturgeon wrote:
> One quick update for folks who might want to go the same path.  I
> installed Ubuntu on my frontend and installed the mythtv packages and
> it connected to my FC4 backend flawlessly!    On another note, all of
> my HD playback issues are *gone*.  All of them; stuttering watching
> currently recorded shows, pausing and restart stuttering problems,
> prebuffering pauses when not using XvmC... everything.  I'm ecstatic.
> --
> John <><


I am interested in trying this again.  I'd like to have all my systems
on one distribution plus I have been fighting prebuffering pauses on
HD playback for months.

Did you install from packages or did you compile from SVN?  Is there a
guide that you followed?  Any other words to the wise?



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