[mythtv-users] Commercial detection on paused LiveTV

raptor jr raptorjr at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 19 21:11:46 UTC 2007

I have enabled the setting in mythtv-setup to start commercial detection 
when a recording starts.
(Why is this setting in mythtv-setup? Shouldn't it be a recording profile 

If i start LiveTV commercials is not detected.
Selecting to record the LiveTV dont change anything, commercials is not 
Not even when the recording is finished is the commercial detection running.

It seems that commercials is only detected if i schedule a recording, either 
before it has started or while it is running, using for example MythWeb. And 
then the detection starts immediately.

So unless i'm missing something obvious, which is not unlikely, it would be 
nice if it was possible to have commercial detection starting when LiveTV 
has been paused for a few minutes. No need to have it running realtime, only 
when it has been paused there could be some commercials that can be skipped.
And the detection could start from where it was paused, dont have to do the 
detection on the whole program if you are already half through the show.

But it would be really nice if this is already possible, and i have missed 
how to turn it on.


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