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MoRpHeUz morpheuz at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 20:58:13 UTC 2007

Hi !

  We are trying to do all this stuff inside MythTV's code (backend) so
any frontend can request to receive live-tv data in codec supported by
ffmeg (it includes resolution, etc..)..

  It's an interesting feature and there are a lot of people interested
in that. If you want to help with ideas or code please, contact me or
Captain Murdoch.

Thanks! =)

On 3/19/07, Jason Donahue <mythtv at timekiller.org> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am wondering if anyone has put together a package/howto for streaming live
> to an outside client. i.e. streaming tv to your work computer, or your
> mobile device (cell phone etc.)
> Please note I am not a noob asking if it can be done. I currently have a set
> of scripts that accomplish this using vlc. But the main issue with my
> scripts are 1) there is too much required from the command line - I want a
> more click-and-go setup. and 2) My script does not let Myth know what i'm
> doing. in other words, I attach to the tuner for livetv, and if myth needs
> to record something, it errors because the tuner is already in use.
> What I am looking for is if someone has already done the work (say at a
> mythweb plugin) to handle streaming livetv and let myth know about it.
> I have tinkered with mythstream, and some other things I found, but they
> work on recordings only, I want to stream live tv, and have the ability to
> change the channel.
> If no one has anything already out there, I will start working on it - just
> hoping some of the leg work is already done. I was thinking a script that
> logs into the mythfrontend interface (port 6546 by default) and issues the
> 'jump livetv' command, but I am not sure if there is a way to capture the
> video stream and redirect through vlc - short of looking up the filename in
> the db and externally running vlc on that (which I would want to avoid at
> all costs).
> Anyway - i've babbled enough, any input is appreciated.
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