[mythtv-users] US Gov gives $80 credit towards purchase of HD equipment??

Scott Alfter mythtv at salfter.dyndns.org
Mon Mar 19 19:02:24 UTC 2007

Brian Wood wrote:
> Would you rather have affordable health care or a D-to-A TV  
> converter?, apparently the Congress believes you would prefer they  
> address the latter issue. Unfortunately they may be correct.

Going offtopic for a bit:

I would prefer that the government stick with what the Constitution allows it
to do.  Neither socialist health-care schemes (<sarcasm>which have worked so
well elsewhere</sarcasm>) nor TV-converter giveaways are enumerated in the
Constitution as being within the central government's purview.

Unfortunately, the Constitution hasn't been much of a hindrance to those who
find it inconvenient for their purposes (google "New Deal" or "War on Poverty"
for examples).

"...and that's all I have to say about that."

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