[mythtv-users] Performance issues with new hardware.

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Mon Mar 19 18:49:28 UTC 2007

Jon wrote:
> Mike Perkins wrote:
>> You mention "locks up" in the program guide. Can you be more specific? 
>> Reason I ask is that under certain conditions (which I have not yet been 
>> able to identify), once in the program guide, I can wait one minute (60 
>> seconds) for keypresses to be acted upon. Then of course it does that 
>> and the next 5 keypresses I made before I realised what was happening.
>> Have you actually waited that long to see if anything happens?
>> Mike Perkins
> By locks up I mean, that when I select the program guide, sometimes it
> only paints a portion of it, typically 1/4 or 3/4 of the screen.  The
> box is hard locked.  The box is totally locked up.  Cannot ssh into box,
> does not respond to ping.  The only solution is to hard reset it.  Then
> I have to restart the backend because it tells me that the card is still
> in use.
> This only happens when bringing up the guide, or recording options from
> within the guide, or when selecting a program to watch thus dismissing
> the guide.
> It seems to happen most frequently when it is currently on a HD channel,
> and has only happened twice with the new motherboard.  With the old
> motherboard, this would happen ~30% of the time.

Have you tried changing your theme? Gant and some others need more 
resources than others.
I have not looked into this at all, but it occurs to me that you may 
*need* to run a widescreen theme. From comments here, myth does not seem 
to like changing resolutions. And you may be forcing a resolution change 
when going into the guide. And X may be getting confused because you may 
have no 'smaller' modes available. If you don't have it already, try 
adding a '800x600' to you modelines and see what happens.

And what happens if you are already ssh'd into the box? It's really 
weird that you should get that hard a lockup...A lockup of X I can 
understand..., I get that, but in my case, the backend continues to run 
and I can ssh in, and kill the frontend and X without affecting the 
recording in progress.


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