[mythtv-users] Performance issues with new hardware.

Jon jon at sd-6.org
Sat Mar 17 21:44:29 UTC 2007

Mike Perkins wrote:
> You mention "locks up" in the program guide. Can you be more specific? 
> Reason I ask is that under certain conditions (which I have not yet been 
> able to identify), once in the program guide, I can wait one minute (60 
> seconds) for keypresses to be acted upon. Then of course it does that 
> and the next 5 keypresses I made before I realised what was happening.
> Have you actually waited that long to see if anything happens?
> Mike Perkins

By locks up I mean, that when I select the program guide, sometimes it
only paints a portion of it, typically 1/4 or 3/4 of the screen.  The
box is hard locked.  The box is totally locked up.  Cannot ssh into box,
does not respond to ping.  The only solution is to hard reset it.  Then
I have to restart the backend because it tells me that the card is still
in use.

This only happens when bringing up the guide, or recording options from
within the guide, or when selecting a program to watch thus dismissing
the guide.

It seems to happen most frequently when it is currently on a HD channel,
and has only happened twice with the new motherboard.  With the old
motherboard, this would happen ~30% of the time.


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