[mythtv-users] Two nagging issues remain.

Jon jon at sd-6.org
Sun Mar 18 19:40:16 UTC 2007

I've been using myth for sometime and have got it running beautifully.
The whole project is really a work of art. Hats off the the developers.
 I currently have two nagging issues that if I can get resolved will
make it perfect.

The first issue is this:

I have two tuner cards.  If I select a channel that resides on an idle
card, it doesn't go to that channel.  It will either go to the default
channel for that tuner or to the last watched channel.  Once that tuner
is active, channel changes behave as expected.

The second issue is this:

I have 3 boxes in the mix, one is my backend, one is the frontend, a
third dedicated to mythjobqueue.  The problem is that commercial
flagging mostly fails.  It seems to be stopping prematurely.  Sometimes
it will make it to the first commercial break, sometimes not.  Some
shows actually seem more reliable than others.  It typically fails with
a bunch of mpeg2video errors (may not actually be failing here) or, and
more likely failing with "waiting x seconds for data to become available).

I currently to realtime commercial flagging but if I manually run a
commflag it fails all the same.

Any suggestions welcome.


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