[mythtv-users] Frontend connection problem\question

John Little jlittle_97 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 18 13:00:28 UTC 2007


never mind.  I had changed the mythtv ip address in the mythtv-setup dialogue but not the mythtv-backend ip.  That's what I get for doing it late at night after several beers...

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Hi all

I have myth running on an ubuntu 6.10 frontend\backend that works perfectly.  I used the binary packages from the ubuntu repos.  I am now trying to setup a frontend only on another ubuntu 610 machine.  This one is turning out to be a bear.

myth on the backend is setup to use an ip address-, user mythtv and password mythtv.  It is also setup up like this on the frontend only box.

I can connect to the mysql server from the fe only box on the command line and through mysql-admin as the user mythtv.  For some reason I can't seem to get it to work through the mythtv fe only though.

I have read many posts about making sure nothing is set to and I have done this.   However when  I start mythfrontend  from the fe only  box on the commandline I get this message:

2007-03-18 08:31:22.436 Connecting to backend server: (try 1 of 5)
2007-03-18 08:31:22.437 Connection timed out.          
                        You probably should modify the Master Server 
                        settings in the setup program and set the    
                        proper IP address.
jslittl at ubu610-lt:~$

I have working ddns here.  The mythtv server box is entered as a static address in dns.  I also have put it into the /etc/hosts file on both machines.  Also there is no mysql daemon running on the fe only box.

Where is it getting that address from ?

Another question:  on the fe only box do I need to be logged in as the mythtv user?


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