[mythtv-users] Can't get system to wake up at set time.

Craig Huff huffcs at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 18 13:32:16 UTC 2007

I just learned something that I need to clarify.  I didn't realize that I could initiate a shutdown of a running linux system by pressing the front panel power button until today when I tried to go around the running system with a hardware shutdown.

When I said before that I could get the system to wake up at a time set in the hardware alarm clock, what I did to accomplish that was to set the alarm clock with nvram-wakeup, reboot linux, force the rebooting system into the BIOS, and then press the front panel power button.  While in the BIOS, pressing the power button causes the BIOS to shut the system down without needing an operating system running.  This works.  Shutting down from within linux (specifically Fedora Core 6) doesn't do something right as far as the motherboard/BIOS is concerned and it never wakes up when the alarm clock setting arrives.

Any suggestions or pointers to other places to seek help?
Craig Huff
huffcs at yahoo.com

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Thank you for the suggestion.

I take it that you mean the BIOS setting for enabling/disabling the HW alarm clock.  If so, I have tried your suggestion and it didn't work for me.

Note that I had been successful getting the system to wakeup at a set time with the alarm clock enabled in the BIOS if I shutdown using the front-panel soft-power button but not if I let Fedora Core 6 shutdown the system.

I use nvram-wakeup to access /dev/nvram and /dev/rtc instead of using /proc/acpi/alarm because /proc/acpi/alarm is apparently misconfigured somewhere (dsdt? BIOS? FC6?).

If I do:
#      cat /proc/acpi/alarm
I get a bogus return like:
      2007-00-00 00:00:00
even when I first set the alarm in the BIOS (or using

If I set the alarm with:
#      echo "2007-03-17 16:30:45" > /proc/acpi/alarm
I can get the same value back when I "cat" it, but it isn't set in the nvram if I reboot and go into the BIOS to check it.
Craig Huff
huffcs at yahoo.com

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Have you tried to disable the set HW clock setting ?
Also, if your method involves writing to /proc/acpi/alarm do you write in the right format and do your shutdown script run with the right priviliges.

I use /proc/acpi/alarm on my a8n-vm cms with the HW clock setting disabled, setting hw clock on shutdown made wake up fail occasionaly.


On 3/17/07, 
Craig Huff <huffcs at yahoo.com> wrote:
To paraphrase Princess Leia: "You're my last hope."

I am using nvram-wakeup and Suspend2 to set the wakeup time and
shutdown my Fedora Core 6 system so that it will wake up when it is
time to record a show.

The pieces work, but not together.

I can use nvram-wakeup to set the alarm clock and confirm it is set in the BIOS.

can set the alarm with nvram-wakeup and shut down the system using the
front panel "soft-off" power button and the system WILL wake up at the
appointed time.

I can use Suspend2 to hibernate the system and recover on reboot.

I can use mythwelcome to invoke both of

However, when I do this, the system never wakes up at the time specified.

I have tried the suggested change to /etc/init.d/halt, but no improvement.

tried setting the alarm time twice with manual invocations of
nvram-wakeup (to the same time) followed by a forced shutdown (shutdown -n now), but no

FWIW, here is the debug_info from Suspend2:
Suspend2 debugging info:
- SUSPEND core   : 2.2.9
- Kernel Version : 2.6.18-1.2869_1.fc6.cubbi_suspend2
- Compiler vers. : 4.1
- Attempt number : 6

- Parameters     : 0 16 0 0 0 5
- Overall expected compression percentage: 0.
- Compressor is 'lzf'.
  Compressed 290709504 bytes into 145282452 (50 percent compression).
- SwapAllocator active.

  Swap available for image: 519908 pages.
- FileAllocator inactive.
- I/O speed: Write 81 MB/s, Read 105 MB/s.
- Extra pages    : 22 used/756.

The mobo is an ASUS A8N-SLI with an Athlon 64
 3200+ and 512MB.  I upgraded to this from a Gigabyte GA-7DX mobo I had planned to use because I had the same problem with it using FC5 and thought it was just too old/incompatible.

I would consider using a different distro, but based on Jarod Wilson's
website, I would expect that FC is suitable.  I find it hard to believe
that this new ASUS mobo is incapable of supporting ACPI suspension and
wakeup by alarm clock.

I am running out of ideas.

I've been struggling with MythTV since September and just about run out of patience.  If I can't get this working this month, I'll just have to give up on Linux and MythTv and go buy a Tivo because "it just works".

Any help would be appreciated.

Craig Huff
huffcs from yahoo

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