[mythtv-users] HdHomerun QAM channel lock [solved]

jason maxwell decepticon at gmail.com
Sat Mar 17 21:50:11 UTC 2007

I was able to get solid lock, every time on the 2 channels I was
having issues with. Here's how:
I went into the mythconverg mysql db and edited the channel table by
hand. For the 2 channels that wouldnt lock, I simply updated the
values of atsc_major_chan and atsc_minor_chan both to '0'. voila!

I tried this on a hunch, since all references I found online had those
both set to zero, as did the other channels in my lineup. I'm honestly
not sure what those columns refer to, but it works great now.

On 3/15/07, jason maxwell <decepticon at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have an HdHomerun on my network, attached to comcast cable. I built
> myth 20-fixes from SVN branches a couple of weeks ago. Almost all the
> kinks have been worked out, and it's really amazing.
> When watching live tv, i have problems tuning 2 specific channels.
> Freq# 561000000 has 2 unencrypted subchannels, which map as 80-1 and 80-3.
> Freq# 567000000 also has 2, mapped as 81-1 and 81-3.
> Of these, 80-3, and 81-3 tune every time without fail. The other 2
> (80-1 and 81-1) will usually not tune, unless i first tune to the
> other subchannel on their mplex.
> ie: If I want to watch 80-1, I must first tune to 80-3, then back to
> 80-1. Otherwise I get a message saying that lock was not achieved, and
> that I can press up/down or C, etc.. I have not had this issue when
> using VLC, and the QAM tuner in my TV has no problem getting a lock.
> Because of this problem, I come home to several "file not found"
> errors when trying to play recordings from those 2 channels.
> I have tried setting these 2 channels up in mythtv-setup by actual
> frequency/program number, and by their mapped names. Both methods
> work, but only as I have described here. I've searched on this a lot,
> but havnt really found anything. It looks like some similar issues
> have been dealt with before, and remedied with code changes. Does
> anyone know what I can try to get this working more reliably?
> Any pointers toward some related reading, or ideas for places to look
> for clues are appreciated. Im not at home right now, but will work on
> generating some verbose logs later. I didnt see anything obvious from
> glancing over them this week tho.
> Thanks,
> -J

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