[mythtv-users] Getting lirc working

Jon jon at sd-6.org
Sat Mar 17 19:29:08 UTC 2007

Angus wrote:

>     Ok, so we are clear about this:
> 1. I should hack into saa7134-input.c
IIRC, I edited *-cards.c, saa7134-cards.c for yours
> 2. Find the switch(dev->board) and have it execute the code for case 
> SAA7134_BOARD_KWORLD_TERMINATOR. This would be in the 
> saa7134_input_init1() function.
There was basically a case statement on the pci vendor id, the last one
being 0 or null which was set to UKNOWN/GENERIC.  I changed it so that
it defaulted to the actual card that I have.
> 3. We are talking about the saa7134-input.c in the kernel source, right? 
> I'm asking, because v4l has a "driver" tar ball with files similarly named.
Same file, different version, presumably.
> 4. You did all this with only hello_world.c knowledge?
Yes, well I can read code better than I can write it.  It was literally
only two lines that I changed.

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