[mythtv-users] PC configuration

Dewey Smolka dsmolka at gmail.com
Sat Mar 17 14:26:25 UTC 2007

> The current Myth can use OpenGL for menus, as well as the older
> drawing engine (QT).
> No PVR card will support OpenGL video output, and even the present
> support for the PVR-350's output is not being actively supported, so
> when it eventually breaks I wouldn't count on it ever being updated.
> I certainly wouldn't buy a 350 today for Myth use. I'd look at the
> PVR-150, the retail unit with the remote if you want that, or an OEM
> card without remote if you don't want one or wish to make other
> arrangements for remote control.
> The GeForce2 card pre-dates the GeForce4, which is generally
> considered the minimum level nVidia card for Myth. I don't think you
> could use XvMC with the GF2, but I could be wrong. You might wind up
> needing/wanting XvMC with that CPU, though you should be able to do
> SD video without it.

I've run MythTV on a GF2 card but not since 0.16 or so. The card will
work (and with S-video) but there are a few caveats that may or may
not still be valid. For one, IIRC, the GF2 would not display properly
until X started. This may or may not be a great concern, but you'll
need to have a monitor handy to do the inital setup and X

I wouldn't count on the GF2 doing OpenGL, but it may be possible. When
I ran a GF2, it was able to handle the Goom visualization in Mythmusic
but only at 1/2 resolution. I'm not sure if it was because of the card
or the system I was using (P-3 750) or a combination of the two.

In any event, Myth will work with qt, and the GF2 should work as long
as you have no illusions about OpenGL or other 3D gee-whizzery.

I'd say it's certainly worth a try to get your system running with it
before you buy something else.

Use the cash you save to get a bigger HDD. That's the first thing
you're going to want.

> But the video card is your weakest link in the setup you describe,
> followed by the CPU, although the CPU should do OK for SD. I'd look
> into a 5200 video card, they're pretty cheap and you might find one
> on E-Bay or the like even cheaper, you didn't mention what buss, AGP
> would be nice but even PCI should be OK for SD, hoping you don't have
> an old VIA chipset mobo.
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