[mythtv-users] PC configuration

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sat Mar 17 14:14:52 UTC 2007

On Mar 17, 2007, at 6:58 AM, Jason wrote:

> So if I don't go with a PVR-350 (don't have this yet), should I buy  
> a new video card and pvr card (with a remote)? Note that I don't  
> want to upgrade the motherboard and cpu.
> Recommendations please???
> And a I am no where near HD yet.
> And the GeForce 2 GTS (deluxe) Graphic Card has TV out.
> And I was considering the PVR-350 because of the decoder (it would  
> off load some work from the CPU).
> Also, MythTV will soon be going to OpenGL for the menus, so it will  
> not be supported at all for that .... how soon will this happen and  
> what PVR support openGL?

The current Myth can use OpenGL for menus, as well as the older  
drawing engine (QT).

No PVR card will support OpenGL video output, and even the present  
support for the PVR-350's output is not being actively supported, so  
when it eventually breaks I wouldn't count on it ever being updated.  
I certainly wouldn't buy a 350 today for Myth use. I'd look at the  
PVR-150, the retail unit with the remote if you want that, or an OEM  
card without remote if you don't want one or wish to make other  
arrangements for remote control.

The GeForce2 card pre-dates the GeForce4, which is generally  
considered the minimum level nVidia card for Myth. I don't think you  
could use XvMC with the GF2, but I could be wrong. You might wind up  
needing/wanting XvMC with that CPU, though you should be able to do  
SD video without it.

But the video card is your weakest link in the setup you describe,  
followed by the CPU, although the CPU should do OK for SD. I'd look  
into a 5200 video card, they're pretty cheap and you might find one  
on E-Bay or the like even cheaper, you didn't mention what buss, AGP  
would be nice but even PCI should be OK for SD, hoping you don't have  
an old VIA chipset mobo.

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