[mythtv-users] Performance issues with new hardware.

David Murphy dm1000 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 17 04:02:11 UTC 2007

Jon wrote:
  However now no matter what I do cpu
> usage is peaked.  Can anyone shed some light?

Are you using the Nvidia binary driver?  If so, are you using
Option "UseEvents" "True"  in the Device section of your xorg.conf?

Should look something like this:
Section "Device"
         Identifier  "Videocard0"
         Driver      "nvidia"
         VendorName  "Videocard vendor"
         BoardName   "nVidia Corporation C51 PCI Express Bridge"
         Option "UseEvents" "True"

This option dropped cpu use substantially but I'm still running out of 
cycles playing HD mpeg-2 content w/ my Sempron 3400 running on an Asus 
M2NPV-VM.  I find this odd as I can play back the 1920x1080 HD version 
of Elephant's Dream encoded w/ Xvid at 10Mbps w/ no problems.  Initially 
I assumed that should be much more demanding than 1080i Mpeg-2 but that 
is not what I'm seeing here.  I have similar problems using an Athlon X2 
3600 so I think there must be another issue in the mix here...drivers or 

In any case I'd be interested to know your results if you have not yet 
enabled the UseEvents option.

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