[mythtv-users] HD TV Out Video Card Options?

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>> Can anyone give me any input on a decent PCIEx16 or PCIEx4 video card
>> mythtv .20
>> I will need to output to a HD Monitor via Component somehow and a PC
>> via DVI or VGA
>> New motherboard does not have an AGP slot and onboard video is Intel
>> X3000
> The DVI or VGA part is easy, just about any nVidia card with a PCI
> interface should work, from the 5300 on up.
> Component output is a little harder to find, and of course costs more.
> might want to consider an external converter of some sort if you can't
find a 
> card with component output.

I have the Gigabyte GeForce 7100GS.  It comes with a small 'HDTV' 
adaptor that has s-video, composite, and component output.  See


It's fanless and is <$50.


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Are you able to output Live TV from myth over the component out? 

Do you just replace Svideo with Component in the xorg.conf 

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