[mythtv-users] digital box-->Mythtv-->tv - partial display

Tom Rogers tom at generalgau.com
Fri Mar 16 14:56:40 UTC 2007

I have a FC6-based MythTV (I used Jarod's excellent guide) that I'm 
having a problem getting it to display correctly with my digital cable 
box and my TV.

The set up goes:  cable feed (coax) --> Motorola DCT2000 (Comcast) --> 
MythTV (via coax to a PVR-150) --> TV (via SVideo)

My problem is I can get the channel info (at the bottom of the screen) 
for my digital cable, but the station itself doesn't ever display.  When 
I change the channel, either via the Comcast remote or the MythTV 
remote, I see the channels (Comcast and MythTV respectively) change.  I 
know the MythTV box needs to change the channel via the IR output, but I 
haven't gotten that far yet.

I have the MythTV box set to channel 3.

I've tried both SVideo and composite to the TV and both coax and 
composite from the cable box, but nothing seems to change.  I figure I'm 
almost there, as I do see the channel info on the bottom of the screen, 
but I'm at a loss as to why the channel itself doesn't show up.

If I take the coax from the MythTV box and plug it into the TV, the 
stations (Comcast digital) comes up fine.  If I take the cable feed and 
plug it directly into the MythTV box, the channels display just fine 
(but I lose the extra channels offered by digital cable).

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