[mythtv-users] Mythfilldatabase segmentation fault

Christopher Friend christopher_friend at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 15 23:37:08 UTC 2007

>>If you are running mythfilldatabase automatically, do you get the same
>>result if you run the grabber and MFDB manually from the command line?

Err... how would I do that? And if by mfdb you mean mythfilldatabase, yes I 
ran that from the command line to get the previous output.

>>I am having the exact same problem on gentoo with Mythtv 0.20_p12963,
>>but I get guide data inserted so haven't looked closer at the prolem

Thinking about it I might be getting data inserted myself, but what with 
stuff be inserted by eit (over the air epg) and the thing thinking i have 
data for the next 40 years anyway, I can't really tell... Either way, it 
would be nice just to stop it thinking it knew then next 40 years of 
programming info anyway.


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