[mythtv-users] Known Problems or Just Me?: MythVideo problems

David Murphy dm1000 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 15 22:53:33 UTC 2007

Jon Boehm wrote:

> 2) Bad sound during fast forward:  Sound chatters and spits when it should
> be mute during fast forward.  In addition FF is not smooth. It goes in and
> fast .. Pause repeating pattern.
I'm only doing ISO rips w/ my seperate frontend and backend system.  Not 
sure about the sound as FF simply breaks playback.  I'll get a static 
image on the screen and the system becomes unresponsive...if I hit exit 
a few times and wait maybe 15 minutes I'll get control back but 
otherwise I've had to ssh in and kill mythfrontend.

> 3) Video corruption and horrible audio out of sync when starting play back:
> Some where in the first 30 seconds of play back, I see video artifacts.
> With in a few seconds the video goes into slow motion and the audio get
> horribly out of sync. If I arrow back the slow motion and audio sync issue
> goes
> away.
Sounds similar to what I am seeing.  As I am doing ISO rips I usually 
see the warnings/studio logos before the main menu loads.  I have 
extreme video/audio corruption during this period.  Once the root menu 
loads everything looks perfect.  If I play the movie straight through I 
have no problems at all.  I can pause without issue but as I mentioned 
above FF seems to break everything in a big way.  This is a Mythdora 3.2 

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