[mythtv-users] Known Problems or Just Me?: MythVideo problems

Jon Boehm boehm100 at comcast.net
Thu Mar 15 22:14:32 UTC 2007

No reply.  So ... I'm the only one who see these problems?


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Using nearly the latest Myth .20-fixed.

I've ripped DVD in perfect mode.  

1) When I go to view them with the Internal player they have the wrong
length.  The two hour movie last night show a length of ~24 min.  It will
beyond the end of the progress bar but will not save the last position if it
is  stopped and restarted.  

2) Bad sound during fast forward:  Sound chatters and spits when it should
be mute during fast forward.  In addition FF is not smooth. It goes in and
fast .. Pause repeating pattern.

3) Video corruption and horrible audio out of sync when starting play back:
Some where in the first 30 seconds of play back, I see video artifacts.
With in a few seconds the video goes into slow motion and the audio get
horribly out of sync. If I arrow back the slow motion and audio sync issue
away.  I don't know if the problem comes back later because I usually switch
to mplayer at this point.

I'm currently using mplayer with a save position wrapper script to get
around these issues.  I would rather use the internal player because I like
the interface better.


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