[mythtv-users] Black menu screens when using Paint Engine = OpenGL (NVIDIA GeForce4 Graphics)

Tarek Soliman tarek-spam at zeusmail.bounceme.net
Wed Mar 14 15:36:15 UTC 2007

> 1. I have tried running glxgears and it works at 1000-1100fps (window
> is selected)
> 2. My Xorg.0.log returns Enabling RENDER acceleration, 3D Architecture
> initialized and Using 2D accelerated architechire
> 3. glxinfo returns direct rendering: yes
> Is there anything else I could try which would help to try to see if
> the problem is with my setup or if its a bug in MythTV?
> I have tried Googling and I am at a complete loss of why MythTV is
> displaying black screens when Paint Engine is OpenGL if anyone has any
> other ideas it would be greatly appreciated.

I have had that happen when using 2 monitors in xinerama. Only the first
one has openGL working. The other ones has general weirdness.

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