[mythtv-users] Channel Icons....yes, I did search!

raphael rpooser at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 21:10:01 UTC 2007

Bob Sully wrote:
> Hi -
> I'm not running SVN.  I'm running 0.20a.  Mike suggested I grab the
> mkiconmap.pl script from the SVN server and try it, but I got a 500 error
> when I tried to wget it.
> I have a mkiconmap.pl script which came with 0.20a (which ran, but didn't
> ask for my zip code), and I have perl and libwww-perl installed.
> I can post the .pl script, but it looks OK.  Unless there are any recent
> significant changes, I don't think that getting the SVN version should
> matter...I think I have some minor configuration issue that's causing the
> script not to ask for the zip and go out and grab the icons.
> Thanks
> Bob
> A JM wrote:
>> If your running SVN Perl is not installed by default do a search
>> through the archive, when doing config you need to add an
>> attribute....
>> AJM,

you say it doesn't even ask for zipcode yet, and you already searched 
for this, but just in case you missed it or it helps, this post helps 
with the invalid zip code problem, in case your xml grabber is old.
that worked for me; I'm running 0.20a also and got all my icons up with 
the included perl script in .20a

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