[mythtv-users] MacOSX frontend & 1080i

Andrew Gallatin gallatin at cs.duke.edu
Tue Mar 13 19:10:25 UTC 2007

Todd Ignasiak [ignasiak at gmail.com] wrote:
> On 3/13/07, Andrew Gallatin <gallatin at cs.duke.edu> wrote:
> > What *does* make a difference is displaying on an external monitor,
> > rather than using the builtin 1680x1050 flat panel.  When using a Dell
> > 2001FW (1600x1200, 60Hz), 1080i video is much, much, much more smooth.
> > I expect that this has something to do with the refresh rate of the
> > Dell LCD being 60Hz, while the refresh rate for the builting LCD is
> > 150Hz (according to myth, refresh is N/A according to the Display Pref
> > pane).  I guess I'll have to haul the computer downstairs and try
> > actually hooking it to the TV before I know if it will work.
> I tried Myth on my MacBook Pro, with a 1440x900 display, and it worked
> on that display.  I got a few of the "out of sync" messages, about

That's another good sign.
> Also, I doubt the LCD is being run at 150Hz, where does Myth show
> that?   I think LCDs are set to 60Hz by default, although it's hard to
> tell for sure.   I installed SwitchResX control panel & output the DDC
> data for the display, and it showed it was running 1440x900 @ 60Hz.

It is reported (for me) when using -v playback:
2007-03-12 09:52:04.014 VideoOutputQuartz::GetRefreshRate() [returning 150]

Using the Dell LCD, it says '[returning 60]'


> > 2007-03-13 08:47:42.014 Enabled deinterlacing
> > 2007-03-13 08:47:42.431 NVP: progressive frame seen after 14 interlaced  frames
> > 2007-03-13 08:47:42.498 Disabled deinterlacing
> I sometimes get messages with a many frames (e.g. progressive frame
> seen after 11 interlaced frames), but I don't get any "Disabling
> deinterlacing" messages.  Are you switching to different channels and
> maybe showing a 720p station (ABC, Fox)?     You can override the

I think that it might be something about WRAL, our local CBS
affiliate.  One hour recordings from this channel have always shown up
as 52 minutes long on my Linux Myth box (and appear the same on

> interlacing detection in the menu during playback.

This seems to work nicely!

Thank you!


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