[mythtv-users] upcoming recordings, status code N in conflict column

Jason Joines jason at joines.org
Mon Mar 12 14:48:17 UTC 2007

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Subject: Re:[mythtv-users] upcoming recordings, status code N in
conflict column
From: Bruce Markey <bjm at lvcm.com>
To: Discussion about mythtv <mythtv-users at mythtv.org>
Date: Sat Mar 10 2007 12:40:49 GMT-0600 (CST)
> Jason Joines wrote:
>> I'm using MythTV 0.20 on Kubuntu 6.10 with a Hauppauge PVR 150.
>> Today I noticed that the most recent BattleStar Galactica didn't get
>> recorded.  I assumed it must've been a re-run and went into the
>> Upcoming Recordings section of myth-frontend to see if the upcoming
>> episode is  a re-run.  It's not but it has a status code of N.  So
>> does a new Desperate Housewives episode.  I went to the Sci-Fi
>> website to see that last weeks BattleStar was also new, it just
>> didn't get recorded.  When I select an Upcoming Recording with a
>> status of N, I get the message, "This showing will not be recorded
>> because this show does not match the current program listings".  What
>> does that mean?
> It means you set a Single, Timeslot or Weekslot rule and it's 
> criteria doesn't match any of the showings in your TV listings
> and therefore nothing will be recorded from this rule. The "N"
> entry is added to your list of upcoming recordings to let you
> know that you need to investigate before you end up missing an
> episode of BattleStar Galactica. Without this entry, it would
> quietly fail.
> If I had a rule to record "Monk" each Fir at 10pm on USAP, I
> would get an "N" if:
> - USA Network doesn't have anything at 10:00 on Friday. Maybe
> 10:05 or maybe they have movies that start at 8:30 instead.
> - The show at 10:00 on Friday doesn't have the title "Monk".
> It might be "Psych" or "Monk: The Defective Detective".
> - My channel 34 may now have the callsign "USA" in place of
> "USAP" or visa versa or USANET.
> The expedient thing to do is to change "Desperate Housewives"
> from "Record in this timeslot every week" to "Record at any
> time on any channel". It's only on once a week and a common
> mistake is to think 'I only watch it Sun at 9'. However, you
> want to record new episodes even if they come on at another
> time. The purpose of a time slot rule is to exclude showings
> that are at other times that may be unidentified re-runs or
> something. This would not be an issue for Desperate Housewives
> so you want to record it whenever it comes on. If that always
> happens to be Sun at 9, so be it.
> Same for Battlestar Galactica except it is repeated so you
> have another chance to record if there is a problem in the
> timeslot for the first showing. 
> --  bjm

    Yes, they were weekly timeslot rules.

    I can't tell any difference in the titles of the episodes it didn't
want to record and the ones it did record.

    I couldn't remember making any changes in the configuration in the
last couple of months but your post reminded me of something I did in
the last couple of weeks.  All of my channels had names of "Adding
channel X" from when Myth scanned and added them.  I went in recently
and changed all the names from "Adding channel 4" to "NBC", "Adding
channel 8" to "ABC", etc.  However, if this is what caused the problem I
don't know why it only affected about half of the schedule, the highest
priority half.  Looks like it should've broken them all.

    The reason I didn't use the "record at any time" option is because
of changing schedule.  If Sci-Fi decides to run a 2 day marathon of
Battlestar ( which they have done ) the it'll cause all sorts of
conflicts in my schedule.  I haven't been using Myth long enough yet for
it to know I've already seen the previous two seasons and don't want to
record those episodes.


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