[mythtv-users] upcoming recordings, status code N in conflict column

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sat Mar 10 18:40:49 UTC 2007

Jason Joines wrote:
> I'm using MythTV 0.20 on Kubuntu 6.10 with a Hauppauge PVR 150.
> Today I noticed that the most recent BattleStar Galactica didn't get
> recorded.  I assumed it must've been a re-run and went into the
> Upcoming Recordings section of myth-frontend to see if the upcoming
> episode is  a re-run.  It's not but it has a status code of N.  So
> does a new Desperate Housewives episode.  I went to the Sci-Fi
> website to see that last weeks BattleStar was also new, it just
> didn't get recorded.  When I select an Upcoming Recording with a
> status of N, I get the message, "This showing will not be recorded
> because this show does not match the current program listings".  What
> does that mean?

It means you set a Single, Timeslot or Weekslot rule and it's 
criteria doesn't match any of the showings in your TV listings
and therefore nothing will be recorded from this rule. The "N"
entry is added to your list of upcoming recordings to let you
know that you need to investigate before you end up missing an
episode of BattleStar Galactica. Without this entry, it would
quietly fail.

If I had a rule to record "Monk" each Fir at 10pm on USAP, I
would get an "N" if:

- USA Network doesn't have anything at 10:00 on Friday. Maybe
10:05 or maybe they have movies that start at 8:30 instead.

- The show at 10:00 on Friday doesn't have the title "Monk".
It might be "Psych" or "Monk: The Defective Detective".

- My channel 34 may now have the callsign "USA" in place of
"USAP" or visa versa or USANET.

The expedient thing to do is to change "Desperate Housewives"
from "Record in this timeslot every week" to "Record at any
time on any channel". It's only on once a week and a common
mistake is to think 'I only watch it Sun at 9'. However, you
want to record new episodes even if they come on at another
time. The purpose of a time slot rule is to exclude showings
that are at other times that may be unidentified re-runs or
something. This would not be an issue for Desperate Housewives
so you want to record it whenever it comes on. If that always
happens to be Sun at 9, so be it.

Same for Battlestar Galactica except it is repeated so you
have another chance to record if there is a problem in the
timeslot for the first showing. 

--  bjm

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