[mythtv-users] DVB-T & analog cards recommended?

Milos Prudek prudek at bvx.cz
Mon Mar 12 12:01:46 UTC 2007

> Have you checked your device files? You'd need /dev/dsp* or /dev/adsp* for
> most sound cards, plus a few others for controlling the mixer and other

Nope, I did not have much time to play with the machine in question. Your 
ideas sound good. I will try it if I see that particular machine again. Thank 

For a short while, the soundcard worked with the TV card installed, and I 
could switch kmix to regulate either TV card "capture" or soundcard mixers. 
But after a reboot it stopped working. Probably openSuSE YaST kicked in and 
reshuffled the device files, but I am not sure.

Anyway, I am still interested in hearing about reliable analog TV/DVB-T 
combination cards with hardware MPEG2 encoder for Myth.

Milos Prudek

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