[mythtv-users] Sky Digibox serial interface

Steve Hill steve at nexusuk.org
Sun Mar 11 12:11:03 UTC 2007

This might be of interest to anyone else who's using a Sky Digibox with 

The Sky box has an RS232 port on the back which chucks out various status 
messages in a rather icky packetised protocol.
I've written a daemon which listens to a serial port and presents it (in 
a nicer format) to clients over a TCP socket.

I've also knocked together a script that repeatedly sends the "channel+" 
button press through LIRC, listens to see what channels get reported back 
and updates the MythTV channels database - a big timesaver over having to 
enter the channels into Myth manually.  (Please read the README and backup 
your database first though!)

You can browse the sourcecode at:
Or you can check it out of the Subversion repository at:


  - Steve
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