[mythtv-users] Theme updates - blootube-wide, blootubelite-wide

mike michaelachandler at cox.net
Sun Mar 11 18:33:57 UTC 2007

> >Looks great, nice work!
> >Before I install it, exactly how necessary is the "Vera" font you mention
> > as a requirement in your readme file?
> >I did a search for Vera font on the bitstream website, (It's $35...)
> >Thanks
> >Mike
> $35 a download?  You must be hallucinamation-ising ;)
> http://www.bitstream.com/font_rendering/products/dev_fonts/vera.html
> Have fun
> Justin

Beg your pardon?

That has nothing to do with this....
(but seriously, folks.)
(I didn't go to the developer's area...)
Thanks Justin. Very nice!

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