[mythtv-users] Custom Schedule Help

Drew Tomlinson drew at mykitchentable.net
Sun Mar 11 15:13:55 UTC 2007

On 3/10/2007 7:15 PM Fred Firestine said the following:

>I used to have this problem with some shows on USA Network. They would
>use the default description in the listings, and MythTV had no way to
>distinguish between them. If you want both showings, and you plan to
>watch them every day, you could set an episode limit and use the
>scheduling option "Record at any time on any channel." If you don't
>plan to watch them every day, just set a larger episode limit to cover
>several days. Because of the lack of episode info you may have to go
>through them to pick the ones you haven't seen.

Thanks for your reply.  Yes, I understand this. The reason I'm trying to 
avoid the dupes in the first place is because other shows are being 
missed because both tuners are busy.



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>On 3/10/07, D <daspiras at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>This almost accomplishes what I want.  However when the listing
>>>information is such that MythTV can not tell they are the same show, it
>>>records both.
>>To clarify, you are saying that if Myth can't ID the show enough to
>>prevent dupes, it will record the show on both tuners at the same
>>time, right?

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